What Is a Ktunnel?

Ktunnel is a free web-based on proxy server that allows you to visit websites anonymously. Ktunnel have the ability to access blocked sites on your computer, to stay anonymous while surfing online. When you visit a website, online activities, and your real IP address will be logged by the website server. What does that mean? This means that the website know exactly what pages you have visited on the site and they know from where you are! Ktunnel will hide your real IP address to provide higher privacy protection. You can browse any website without the administrator can monitor your activity. When you visit a website, the website will see a different IP address! Get your privacy protection now with free and easily by using ktunnel proxy service.

Ktunnel Proxy Features

A high anonymous web proxy can ensure high security and protect privacy when surfing the internet. Ktunnel allows you to visit all of your favorite sites, unblock Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Youtube or Friendster to surf anonymously online. You can unblock websites that you cannot visit before. Enjoy you freedom and secure browsing with ktunnel proxy service. Browsing sites through our ktunnel proxy to hide your IP address and bypass any restrictions. Your connection will be protected from adware/spyware, hackers, trojan, virus and other malware that can infecting your PC. Browsing all websites without worry will be enjoy to do.

Why Only Ktunnel

There is no reason why you are confused with all the hassle of trying to access blocked sites. Ktunnel will secure your internet connection, staying anonymous online, hide your internet history and protect your privacy information. You don’t need to install any third party software to use our ktunnel proxy because have installed inside this site. Just enter any URL you want to visit and press GO, feel free and secure when browsing the website. Do not forget to invite all your friends to use ktunnel proxy so that they will also enjoy browsing online without any restrictions. Enjoy it!

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